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Qualified agency nurses

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Helping you to deliver the right care

Quality patient care in hospital settings, especially in regard to the NHS, is all about 'the right staff, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time.' It goes without saying that staff shortages can put that promise in jeopardy. It can mean that patients aren't getting the right care when they need it. It can mean delays to scheduled surgery. The permutations can be that much more severe when it comes to an emergency situation. You need the right staff at all times and our team at Acron Medics in Walsall can make sure you have them.

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Keep providing that first-class care

Acron Medics was established by a qualified nurse with over 35 years in the sector, so it's safe to say that we know the environment and how both NHS and private hospitals operate. If you need a suitably qualified nurse at short notice, we can find you that nurse. We have an extensive roster of nurses on our books and our 24 hour schedule ensures solutions no matter what the hour. You're never on your own with Acron Medics, no matter where you're based in the West Midlands.

Who do you need?

  • Ward staff

  • A&E trained nurses

  • IPC nurses

  • Speciality nurses (T&O / emergency / surgical / medical)

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You never have to compromise on healthcare when you've got Acron Medics by your side. Call / email 07453 291662 or 07450 282454 /

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