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Sharing A Cup Of Tea With The Elderly

Agency domiciliary carers and district nurses

Domiciliary and District Nurses: Welcome

Always here to assist

Many individuals across the West Midlands are reliant on a domiciliary carer or district nurse to attend to their specific needs. If that doesn't happen then the individual affected may not eat breakfast, may not receive the medication they need - they may not even get out of bed. It's the kind of care that's critical for a person's emotional well-being and not just their physical welfare. Staff shortages cannot compromise that care and Acron Medics in Walsall can help you ensure that it doesn't.

Caregiver with Patient

Qualified care at a moment's notice

If you need a domiciliary carer or a district nurse to cover a carer's responsibilities - in three months' time, three days' time or even in the next 24 hours - we have the contacts to make sure that person is in place. Our founder is a qualified nurse in their own right and knows the health sector inside out. We have connections with many suitably-qualified nurses across multiple sectors throughout the West Midlands, so we can be there to help you just when you need us.

Our provision covers

  • Dementia care

  • Palliative care

  • Support for those with learning disabilities / brain injuries / mental health needs

Duties run the gamut, from medication management and support with personal needs to medical assistance and chronic disease management.

Home Nurse Making Bed
Domiciliary and District Nurses: Our Services

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